At Laser Focus, we use the most advanced laser technology in the world to remove tattoos faster and more efficiently – the PicoSure laser.


Older tattoo removal technology like the Q-Switched laser – which uses thermal energy to heat up and break apart ink – just isn’t as effective as PicoSure. Both lasers will remove tattoos, however the Q-Switched laser is older technology and requires up to three times the number of treatments to remove a tattoo, depending on colors. In addition, because the Q-Switched laser uses thermal heat, there is always the potential for burns and scarring.

The PicoSure laser, however, delivers ultra-short pulses of light that shatter tattoo ink into smaller dust-like particles that are more efficiently absorbed by the body’s natural processes. The result is faster clearance, fewer treatments, better results, less pain, and quicker recovery time. And since PicoSure doesn’t generate heat and delivers ultra-short pulses of light, the chance for scarring is  much less than the Q-Switched.

Laser Focus is the first and only practice in Austin that has a Picosure laser with both a 750nm and a 532nm wavelength hand piece, which means we can remove your tattoo in even fewer treatments than anyone else in the Austin area.

Take a look at the videos below to see how the PicoSure laser works much faster and more efficiently than any other laser on the market today.

Want even more evidence of PicoSure’s superiority? Click here to see what the experts think, or to see what they think about PicoSure technology vs. Q-Switched technology, click here.

Click here to schedule your free consultation, and we will take as much time as you need to fully understand the process and the cost of removing your tattoo.  Because we know that the more knowledge you have, the better we look.

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