Laser Focus is a friendly, professional practice specializing in the latest skin and laser treatments.  

It’s what we do.  It’s all we do. 

Our utmost goal is to make sure that you have a superb experience with us each time you walk in our door.

We do one thing, and we do it extremely well:  tattoo removal.  We don’t use our PicoSure® laser for an “add-on” tattoo removal services like dermatologists and plastic surgeons.  We do tattoo removal, period. What this means to you is that you get knowledgeable experts who do this all day, every day.
Better technology means more efficient ink removal, which translates to fewer treatments, and ultimately, lower cost.  Since we use the PicoSure® laser and  both a 750 nm and 520nm wavelength hand piece, we are able to offer clients the absolute best tattoo removal process in Austin. Read more.
There are many different reasons why people  decide to get their tattoos removed. A different season of life. A job change. The arrival of kid(s). Or maybe you just weren’t ever happy with it in the first place. We’ve been there, and we understand.
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